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That Is Perfection llc

Cabinets built  the way YOU want them

 110 Desko Road Mc Clellandtown PA 15458

Don Cummings Owner and Kitchen Designer :

         It was the era of civil rights,anti war,Wood Stock and "All in the Family" when I started  in the industry. The year was 1975. I worked for contractor for three years. Had my own business for seven . In 1985 I was looking for a greater sense of purpose and destiny. Soul searching for a meaningful career. I was hired that year by Walls Cabinet Company in Morgantown WV. The Walls family took me under there wing. Taught me everything about the kitchen industry I was with them untill 2012
         In 2012 I decided to go back in business for my self and started That Is Perfection.
 Some times in life you make choices. Sometimes choices make you. I love what I am doing working with my hands... creating that "piece of art" .I chose the name because I like things to be as perfect as possable.
         My wife Rhonda has joined me in this venture. It is amazing to see my girly girl turning into a class a helper sanding, staining running power tools.
          39 years in the industry 35 years doing kitchens. The industry has been good to me. I enjoy doing what I do. They say if you enjoy your job you will never work a day in your life. I have found this to be so true.

That IS perfection is a locally owned business in McClellandtown Pennsylvania . Offering custom built cabinets for the retail and commercial industry built in our own shop in McClellandtown.