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If your existing kitchen cabinets have that "Worn Out" or "Outdated" appearance, but are solidly constructed, then REFACING is the answer for a FRESH, NEW look in your kitchen or bath. Having your kitchen cabinets torn out and replaced with new kitchen cabinets can cost a Fortune, and you rarely get the quality that you HAVE RIGHT NOW !

Refacing with high pressure laminate (Formica). This is a tough durable product that will last a lifetime it can be cleaned with Spic and Span, Top Job, soap power and yes even gasoline !!!

Thermo foil doors. RTF (Rigid Thermo Foil) doors and drawer fronts Cabinet boxes are covered in high pressure laminate. New thermofoil doors and drawers added.
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The New Imprèsa Line
There are two primary elements that make up Imprèsa doors and accessories. Framing and accessories consist of a medium density fiberboard substrate with a decorative laminate veneer (DLV) applied to the surface. The center panel material is 5/16” (8mm) thick MDFwith the identical DLV material on both face and back of panel to match the door framing.

DLV or Decorative Laminate Veneer is a type of veneer that employs the same materials used to produce high pressure laminates.  DLV is very durable, but is manufactured using fewer layers than less pressure than high pressure laminates, allowing the material to remain pliable to be profile wrapped around the framing. 
Imprèsa’s DLV is a very durable product that offers the advantage of five-piece construction - the same as solid wood doors, versus the single-piece construction of RTF doors.  What this means to the homeowner is a more authentic looking door and drawer front with wood grain direction running horizontally on the rails and vertically on the stiles.
Cabinet bodes are cover in High pressure laminate

Additional Product Information
Real Wood Refacing
Cabinets are covered with real wood veneer and solid wood doors and drawers are added.
Additional Product Information
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